Personal Energetics

Anyone who has been around paganism for more than 24 hours has heard of energetics – particularly – grounding and centering. If you’re like me, you may only think that these practices are relevant for people who cast spells and circles. One raises energy to put toward some magical goal, then releases the excess energy by grounding. Right? (And who are these people that have excess energy, anyway?)

Today I was reading about grounding and centering as a tool for self-care. Turns out managing energy can be useful not just for the purpose of spellcraft or ritual, but for everyday life! One might learn techniques to steady their own energy when they’re feeling frazzled, “unstick” their energy when they’re overwhelmed, and raise energy when they’re feeling drained. How useful is that?

(If you’re reading this and thinking, “duh, Fier, you ding-dong, this is pretty obvious stuff”, I offer the explanation that I have never been very good at energetics, so I have pushed it aside as a practice rather than considering its varying applications.)

I am now interested in studying and practicing energetics as a tool for self care. I am hoping that some of you would like to join me, and we can have an energetic study group. If this sounds of interest to you, first go visit this page, then, return and answer the following questions:
1. Do you currently or have you in the past practiced energetic self-care?
2. If so, in what context? Did you follow any particular tradition or use any formal structure? What were your goals then and did you meet them? Why did you stop (if applicable)?
3. What are your goals this time?

Once everyone has posted their goals (I’ll give you until Sunday) we’ll start talking about specifics of how to reach them.

Challenge: 7 Things in 7 Weeks

There are seven weeks left in 2015, and they are traditionally busy and stressful ones. I propose that we make a list of at least seven different things we can do to fuel our Dark Flame- seven things that we do for ourselves and ourselves alone.

If you’re comfortable, post your list here, and we’ll check in weekly to see how we’re progressing!

Choosing Your Fuel

I commented yesterday that what I do to fuel my #dark-flame is very likely more quantity than quality. I cycle through overindulging and then feeling guilty and mentally berating myself. I know that some of that is because of my depression. And some of that is probably from growing up in a culture that fetishizes productivity at the cost of the self, where doing things purely because they make you happy is selfish (unless you have a lot of money, in which case you’re entitled to it.) But I think the largest part is because I don’t give enough thought to my fuel. A lot of my self-care time/downtime is just my mind going into auto-pilot so I don’t have to think or deal with things, instead of doing things I enjoy that actually rejuvenate me.

So. People who struggle with nurturing their Dark flames: what mindful rejuvenation do you want to do in September, even if it only happens one time in the month? What “self-care” activities of yours are just auto-pilot, and need to be set aside?

(Again I will answer in a comment, because being able to articulate the question I need to answer doesn’t mean I can answer it at the same time!)

Which do you struggle with?

I may be way off base, but I feel like most of us find that nurturing one flame comes pretty naturally to us, and nurturing the other is a bit of a struggle. Or maybe we feed both equally, but the fuel we shovel on is about quantity, not quality.

Though we are rapidly approaching the end of summer and the end of the calendar year, for me the first of September has a certain freshness to me, a certain newness, undoubtedly because the public schools I attended always began the year days before or just after Labor Day. It’s a bit of a clean slate, but it’s also time to reflect on what we already know, so we can build on it as we learn more.

Do you struggle to tend one of your flames? Are you fueling them with quantity or quality?

(I’ll post my own thoughts in a comment, as I need to give it some more thought!)

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